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This guide is produced for decision makers who intend investing on web to enhance their organization or revamp their existing web presence.

This guide is divided into two sections. The first section questions the need for web presence and helps to determine what type of web presence is required by the answers selected. The second section gives the typical contents to be included in a website.

Questions to Ask

By selecting all the answers that match your requirements, a brief understanding of your web presence needs can be gathered.

  1. How is the website supposed to serve your organization and others?
  • It is there just because “everyone has a web site these days, so should we”

  • It is there to advertise and  market our products and services to clients

  • It is there for everyone in the organization to keep updated on the all that is related to the organization

  • It is there for our clients to keep updated on the all that is related to the organization

  • It is a communication medium for clients and members of the organization
  1. Does your website make business sense?
  • The investment on web presence has to compare with other forms of advertising and marketing while keeping the expected audience in mind

  • It has to be a tool to help and save the time of everyone in the organization

  • It has to be a tool to help clients

  • It has to be a tool to generate more revenue

  1. Can it adapt according to your organizational and business requirement changes?
  • It should be possible to update information very often and as quickly as possible

  • It should be far more efficient and economic than printing or passing information by fax or phone

  • It should not require dedicated IT qualified staff

  • Qualified web related staff will be dedicated to take care of the website


  1. How dependent do you want to be to your website supplier?
  • Once the site is ready we should have control of the data that is on the site

  • It should be easy to update with no specialized IT training

  • Several people in the organization should be able to manage the website

  • It should not be necessary to keep going back to the website supplier for content changes

  • The website supplier should do all data changes as and when required

What kind of web presence?  

Once it is determined why web presence is required, a budget needs to be allocated in line with these requirements. The options below give you 


Low Budget




Static site:

Where the contents change very rarely. Low initial cost, but high maintenance costs. Every time something needs to be changed, a programmer has to go through the web site coding to change, or be dependent on your web site supplier for all changes.



Medium Budget




Dynamic site:

With control for changing content within the site whenever you like. These types of sites give you a design with defined areas where data is entered.

The data can be edited by anyone with permission as often as you wish. The changes will be instantly updated on the Internet.

No special programming knowledge is required; data can be typed or cut and pasted from any document or web site.


High Budget




Content Management Systems:

These are mega Portals for organizations where the site is connected to locally managed databases.

Content can come from various sources. The contents can be automatically updated or checked and published by different authority levels.

End-users can also have unique look and feel depending on their login.


Initial Check list 


Do you have a Domain Name www.yourcompany.com?





Get a Domain name as soon as possible as easy to remember common names are being taken up by the second. You can have yourcompany.com/.net/.biz/.org

This allows you not only to have your own website, but gives you anyemail@yourcompany.com too.

You can register a domain name from our website at www.itsthe1.net


Once you have a Domain Name you need to ‘Host’ your site on a Server. Do you have a host?




Hosting plan is a server space where your website will reside.

For a quick guide as to what hosting plan suits your needs, please visit http://www.itsthe1.net/plans.html


What should I be looking for in my site?



About Us


Company profile

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • History
  • Business Profile
  • Success Stories



Products and/or Services


Details of the kind of Products and/or Services you provide



Contact Us


Detailing the way to contact you, address, location, email or by filling a form online which then gets sent to a pre defined e-mail address.



Search Engine


To search for any topic or keywords within the site



Statistics and Reports


A way to monitor your site in terms of how many visitors, from where, which page to enter, which pages to exit etc. This statistics helps to improve the site and determine the end user requirements


Standard Options


FLASH Animation


  • Complete FLASH An all animated site. Gives good audio, visual impact and interaction to end-users. Slow to load and difficult to change.


  • FLASH Intro An animated Intro leading to a normal site. Can be used to summarize the organizations goals with a good visual impact.

  • Embedded FLASH A portion or block of the site where a message is animated. Gives a good impact to keep the end user active.





Events, Exhibitions, Seminars and Training Etc. It’s like an online calendar, which can provide details of what is happening on a certain date. This is a very Dynamic Module allowing you to add and edit items by yourself as often as you wish.



Photo Gallery Module (Image Gallery)


If you have products, events or photo images that you intend showing online, then a Photo Gallery is a good option. Dynamic Photo Gallery will allow you to add or remove images yourself and present the same in a categorized manner.


Newsletter Module


Newsletter is a very important tool to be in touch with your clients. Visitors have the option to register for regular information from your organization. There are 3 types of newsletter modules:

Newsletter downloader – Where the newsletter is created in PDF format to be downloaded by any visitor to your site. 

Dynamic Newsletter Generator – Where news articles can be generated in plain text, html or with an attachment.

Dynamic Newsletter Generator with news archive – Same as Dynamic Newsletter Generator, but gives the added option of creating an archive for the previous newsletters with categories.


Jobs On-line


Where prospective candidates can submit their Resumes (CVs) online. Job vacancies can also be advertised here.





A secure area where registered visitors/employees can be categorized to have varying levels of access to the site. This allows certain Restricted access areas for price lists, data sheets etc.

Such a feature has the benefit to differentiate between public and private audience.

Membership also allows you to create categorized visitors whom you can contact later to promote specific products or services.


FORUM, Support,


This module allows you to provide on-line support. Entries can have a tracking number so that all support issues can be tracked till its completion. 

Such a forum can also be used to seek advice [ASK THE EXPERT] or ask questions.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions]


An interactive module whereby FAQ are generated and archived. 

A very good analysis tool to improve your solution offering

Advance Options




Used to sell products or services online. Shopping Cart can be added to either send an e-mail to the appropriate sales person with the purchased item and customer details, or it can be incorporated with various eCommerce options available. 

We recommend a separate discussion with ITSthe1 on this subject to explore all the options of eCommerce.




You can create a complete recruitment portal on your site. Job vacancies can be categorized for suitable candidates to submit details.

Such a module also allows candidate filtration and categorization.





ITSthe1 exclusive service hosted on our server whereby you can generate email broadcasts to reach maximum audience.

You can use your existing database of clients or your can use our database of more than 20,000 filtered, categorized email accounts.




ITSthe1 exclusive service for Submission and Ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista etc, whereby your site can be ranked in the first page of search order. 

For more details please contact ITSthe1.





A feature by which news, articles, events etc can be gathered from other websites for display within your site. 

Such information could be Headline News, Technical or industry specific news, Weather, Articles and Events.

Such info is captures real-time and uploaded to your site on-line automatically.


eCCS (Content Collection Service)


A Service offered by ITSthe1. Your site is only as good as what is in it. If the right information is not there for a visitor, you loose the opportunity to gain a client. When you are facing difficulty in getting the right Content to your site such as good descriptive text, images, audio or video then you should consider availing this service.

This service includes collection of Content be it text, image or Audio Visual material from various standard sources (hard and soft copy). The content is analyzed, filtered, categorized, converted to web and optimized to best fit to your site requirements.


Virtual Walk Through (Virtual Reality)


This feature allows you to display 360 degree Virtual Reality movie of locations such as offices, factory, installation site or premises tours. Option to manually control your movement and zooming is possible using the mouse. Areas within the VR can be made clickable to open other areas of interest.



Video for Web


This feature allows you to provide online Webcast, Web Seminars or Video Streaming of any presentations, seminars, product or service launches. A powerful option to attract and retain visitors.



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