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DXBWEB.COM is a unique search portal where business entities and individuals can purchase ‘web space’ in their respective category.

Typically, when trying to search for something in Dubai, one has to go to a search engine such as Google, and type ‘Dubai’ and the relevant keyword. This will then produce a list of several results which need to be accessed one-by-one. The intention is to create a single location of every common search category for Dubai, then place all information links within it. For example everything related to Malls would be under DXBMALLS.COM and every Bank in Dubai will be under DXBBANKS.COM and so on. Over 200 Domain Names with the DXB prefix have been reserved for this purpose.

With the phenomenal success of ‘pixel advertising’, the ideas have been combined to create a novel way to sell space at these sites. DXBWEB.COM is the result of that. From DXBWEB one can select any category where they would like to advertise and buy pixels according to their budget (visit for more details).

At present DXBWEB have the following categories of search and advertisement space;Contact Us to setup a meeting where we can discuss the opportunities.

Dubai Business Dubai Hotels Dubai Kids
Dubai Banks Dubai Malls Dubai Tourism
Dubai Rental Dubai Food Dubai Motor
Dubai Electronics Dubai Women Dubai Clubs
Dubai Entertainment Dubai Gifts Dubai Health
Dubai Men Dubai Projects Dubai Classifieds
Dubai Education Dubai Expats Dubai Real Estate
Dubai Shops Dubai Construction Dubai Computers
Dubai Luxury Dubai Shows Dubai Shipping
Dubai Technology Dubai Consultants Dubai Jobs
Dubai Media Dubai Interiors  

Each of these categories have their own website. i.e. DXBBANKS.COM , DXBBUSINESS.COM , DXBFOOD.COM etc.

Anyone is welcome to buy advertising space, which are available in 100-pixel 'blocks' (each measuring 10x10 pixels). Once the banner size is selected, you can display an image/banner/logo of your choice in the space purchased. You can have the image linked to a website or in case of no website; ITSthe1 will create a simple one-page for you for FREE. Once published it will be available online for a period of one year.

This is now a new and great opportunity to be seen by millions on the net from anywhere in the world.

As an end-user, the search experience is new and different. Company Banners/Logos create Brand Awareness and Brand Recall. The ability to search for keywords within a category further enhances the user experience. Information such as contact details and address is available instantly. Display can also be selected to be in a List Format.

This is now the easiest way to find anything in Dubai.

The number of categories will continue to increase according to demand and popularity.

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