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e-Business is the integration/transformation of existing infrastructure, business processes, enterprise applications, and organizational structure into a high-performance business model using electronic and information technology to facilitate the business.

e-Business uses information technologies to increase revenue and cut costs.
Technology savvy organizations have created tremendous opportunities to leverage the web as a cost-effective vehicle, for delivering and integrating multiple business functions, from procurement to processing. Many businesses have suffered losses due to the fact that they did not fully understand the nature and history of the Internet in order to build an effective e-Business model. More and more businesses are realizing that they must fully integrate Internet technology along with traditional Information Technology (IT) into their strategic and day-to-day operations. This integration effort is not easy due to the lightning speeds at which business is conducted today.
We are not experts in your business; we expect that you are the expert in your business. What we know is Internet, and Information Technology. We know how to build and integrate solutions using the Internet and IT. Our job is to work with you to build an effective strategy and solution that works for your business.

At ITSthe1, we build and implement end-to-end e-Business solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse applications. We focus on providing unique, cutting-edge solutions for our clients and help distinguish them from their competition.

ITSthe1's e-Business offerings are adaptive to client needs and bring distinctive value across a broad range of technology offerings enabling clients to deliver the highest level of quality and service. Our well-defined and proven methodologies ensure that the solutions we deliver are high quality, delivered on time and optimally leveraged.

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