e-Forms Applications



In today’s information driven world, data has more value than ever before. Quality data can provide many benefits: more orders, more meaningful survey results, more confident business decisions and more knowledge about your customers. While the value of data is clear, many organizations fail to collect all of the data they could because of the time, expense and tedium involved in manual data entry.

eForm Standard is a Microsoft Windows or Mac based software product that include the world’s most accurate recognition technology. eForm streamlines the collection of data from paper forms, helping organizations collect the information that they need.

Cardiff Form eForm interprets hand print, machine print, check boxes and bar codes from paper forms gathered using fax machines and scanners. After automatically processing each form, eForm highlights the illegible and invalid entries for quick operator attention. Because eForm processes the majority of the information, entry operators spend seconds verifying questionable data rather than minutes manually keying entire forms.

In the end, the data produced by eForm looks exactly like the data from your current manual system. Your business process is enhanced and streamlined.

By reducing up to 95% of your manual data entry, eForm allows you to focus on more valuable activities. eForm provides immediate access to data, allowing you to work smarter and make more informed business decisions.


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