Every government transaction within the Public Sector and with outside agencies will be capable of being delivered electronically - Prime Minister Tony Blair

e-Government is the use of information technology to support government operations, engage citizens, and provide public services. E-government can support more streamlined and responsive service, wider public participation, and more cost-effective business practices at every level of government. It ranges in complexity from basic access to official information, to radically redesigned public processes. While e-government offers the opportunity to innovate, it also presents substantial policy, management, and technology challenges. Effective e-government initiatives require a realistic and comprehensive view of these challenges as well as a compelling vision of the benefits.

Key e-Government Goals

  • Improve Service to all audiences
  • Drive paper out of process
  • Reduce Service Delivery Time
  • Increase Productivity of Government Personnel
  • Provide Greater levels of service and coordination

An e-Government strategy gives government agencies the ability to control the entire public and interagency interface experience, from beginning to end. Many government clients start their journey to e-government with a simple website redesign, and develop online services in phases through Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and ITSthe1ís wealth of experience building easy to use solutions.

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