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ITSthe1 with its own Servers hosted in US and Australia provides high Availability and reliable managed eMail Services. We are one of the first to provide SLA committment to our clients for such Services.

Please read through the following FAQ or Contact US for more details

Anti-Spam Services

Q. How effective is ITSthe1's spam filtering service?

On average, we recognize and filter over 90% of incoming spam. Some users report recognition rates of 96% or higher.

Q. What happens to email identified as spam?

We allow you to set the parameters for spam detection. You can have any or all spam redirected to a web-based repository. Or you can have it delivered with a modified subject line or an additional email header. You can even choose to filter out highly spammy email, while tagging and delivering email that has few spam characteristics.

Q. Is my email confidential?

Internet email is inherently insecure - it travels over public networks and through multiple servers on its way from source to destination. ITSthe1 processes each email, looking for spam and viruses, and then delivers it to the destination. We don't view or store it for any other reason.

Q. Does ITSthe1 use a whitelist, and how can I ensure that friendly email addresses are not blocked?

Yes, ITSthe1 uses a whitelist. You may whitelist any addresses you choose on a per-user or domain-wide basis.

Anti-Virus Services

Q. How often does ITSthe1 update the anti-virus software?

We check for updates every 10 minutes, and when new ones are available, we broadcast them to all our servers after they pass a comprehensive test suite. You're protected as soon as the updates are available.

In some cases, we can put a filename or filetype block in place to stop a fast moving virus even before formal anti-virus definition updates are available.

Q. What happens to email that is infected with a virus?

It is destroyed. We believe that an email that has been infected is compromised. No cleaning service can possibly insure that a "clean" email hasn't been damaged in some way.

Q. What about virus-infected files that are buried in Zip or StuffIt archives?

We recursively unpack all types of archives (i.e. zip, arc, sit, lha, uuencoded). If an archive contains an archive, that is also unpacked and scanned.

Q. Do we still need our desktop anti-virus software if we're using the ITSthe1 Service?

Yes. Our service significantly complements desktop and server software solutions. Since an infection could come from a downloaded file, a cd-rom, or floppy disk, we recommend that you continue to use desktop software.

Currently, over 90% of all viruses are carried by email, including virtually every fast-moving virus. We've found that the update schedule for email protection must be much more rapid than for the typical desktop solution. Since we employ multiple anti-virus engines - using solutions from multiple anti-virus provders - our protection is greater than the single-source protection found on a desktop. Desktop anti-virus protection requires continual updates and management. The ITSthe1 service is completey hands-off and automated.

Gateway Email Services

Q. How can ITSthe1 offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee?

We have developed a completely redundant and distributed network of data centers. A failure of an individual server or software process is detected automatically, and all data is rerouted to another server, or even another server in another geographic location.

Q. Does this slow down my email delivery?

The typical message is processed by ITSthe1 in a few seconds. Any increase in latency is typically undetectable.


Q. How do I get started?

Once you submit a sign-up, we will configure our servers to start processing email on your behalf. All you need to do is change the MX ("Mail Exchange") record of your DNS ("Domain Name System") servers. Once you make the change, the email starts to flow through our network, and you're protected. You can be up and running in under 5 hours.

Q. What is a MX record?

An MX ("Mail Exchange") record is used to route email. It informs sites on the Internet where mail should be sent. A sender's mail server uses the global DNS system to look up the hostname of the appropriate recipient mail server. This type of record is called a MX. By changing your MX record to '', you are directing senders' email to go to ITSthe1. We review and clean your email, then pass it along to you.

Q. What is a DNS server?

When you send email, you use a Domain Name. For example, email sent to addresses on the site uses the domain name '' When you send email, you need the Internet's Domain Name System servers to translate the domain name into an IP address. Domain Name servers translate domain names to IP addresses, a unique numerical identifier.

Q. What do I tell my ISP or mailbox hosting company to do in order to change the MX record?

Simply ask your domain name administrator to do the the following:

Please change the MX record for the domain "" to ''. This should be the only change that you make to the domain. Please don't change any other settings. Please don't change the address or delete "" - leave this just the way it is.

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