What is eWorks
eWorks is an abbreviation for electronic Works for SME (Small to Medium Enterprises).

eWorks is multi-user, multi-tasking application that takes care of normal day-to-day business processes, such as customer relationship management (CRM), product & sales management, HR & administration, tasks management, and Time Management.

eWorks is for a network of 5 to 250 nodes of Windows based PCs or Apple Macs.

Works transparently with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux Operating System.

The core of eWorks comprises of several modules and contain the following as standard.

• Customer Relationship Manager.
• Sales Manager.
• Product and Services Manager.
• Human Resource Manager
• Task Manager.
• Attendance Manager.

• Communication Manager.

Why eWorks
Today’s SMEs face considerable and difficult challenges such as shortages of time, lack of resources, tough competition, reduced margins and inability to invest in expensive resource management solutions.

These challenges are taking the toll in the SME business environment, thus are cutting down on cost, cutting down on resources and thus becoming more difficult to compete and survive.

In General most of the SMEs have electronic environment in place. They have a LAN, Internet and email services. Most of them work on Windows OS and has different applications such as an Accounting Package and other applications to ease their day-to-day works. Yet what they lack is a centralized work environment whereby they can get their entire business processes done centrally and have the ability to, manage and monitor from a single application.

In order to achieve an efficient business process a few organizations have invested in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and or in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Such organizations are few and such applications are expensive to own and maintain.

eWorks is a cost effective CRM and ERP for SMEs. It works the way you do business and provides maximum yield of your company’s available time and resources.

eWorks is an unique application that addresses the entire spectrum of business from customers to products to resources to time management.

Features of eWorks

Centralized Workplace for the SME.
The main feature of eWorks is a centralized working environment for the entire organization from customer information to sales to administration to staff and even vehicle management. A single application that takes care of daily works such as writing to finding to mailing to faxing of any aspect of your business process.

The only area where you would venture outside the eWorks is when you need financial accounting such as AR (Accounts Receivable). AP (Accounts Payable), Inventory, GL (General Ledger) and other financial ledgers.. eWorks, however can import filtered reports for sales and management analysis.

eWorks is integrated with MS Office, Outlook or Outlook Express and is capable of being integrated with other 3rd party databases or Financial Packages.

eWorks is single brain of the organization where it continues to evolve for the benefit of the organization.

The reality on the ground today is that each individual in an organization has his or her own island of information that is not shared by other colleagues. A mechanism does not exist where by each and every individual and department or divisions of the organization are linked and act as one in a common workflow system.

eWorks is the brain that integrates every element of the organization as one entity.

One organization - One eWorks.

Practical and simple
eWorks is simple and easy to use. It is as simple as browsing with a point and click simplicity. It is made in such a way that where ever possible provides buttons, popup menu, minimum typing and with least learning complexity.

eWorks is an evolution developed in real time business environment.

eWorks is developed by Managers who have more than 15 years of managerial experience.

Managers rather than programmers have developed the entire eWorks.

Flexible & Scaleable
eWorks is custom tailored to precise workflow requirement of each organization.

The main modules remain the same, however the layouts and menus are custom tailored.

eWorks can be scaled to any level, new modules can be added and can be integrated to any high end databases or workflow systems.

Challenges of today’s SME.
We are in the digital World where managing time has become the most challenging task. In this fast paced work environment less time is available to do more works.

Most of us do not have the luxury of having assistance to expedite our works. We need to do our work ourselves. Due to competition, lack of margins and other factors less resources are performing more works.

Today’s SME challenges can be summarized as:

  1. At an average typing speed is not more than 10 WPM (Words Per Minute)

  2. Has an average of 15-30 people of different nationalities, languages and cultures

  3. Has poor command of English as the main communication medium of an organization.

  4. Has poor knowledge of computer know how or does not have the capacity to invest in expensive application and learning.

  5. Most of the information is scattered between individuals of the organization and are not shared by others and are not accessible centrally as one window.

  6. There is a lack of formats and standards that drive the organization in a consistent manner.

  7. Each individual in the organization works in his or her own way and has his or her own style. Every one thinks differently.

  8. You have only 8 hours of work to meet the objectives of the organization.

  9. You work only 25 days a month.

  10. Although Internet revolution has provided lot of information yet all of these information are not relevant to a particular organization.

  11. Application software address general issues rather than specific issues of an organization, therefore there are many applications and several duplications and wastages of the same work.

  12. Today’s application software are off the shelf and are made to address generality rather than specifics of that particular organization, therefore what happens is that usually organizations tend to custom tailor themselves according to the features availability of the application. Not the other way around, where the application should be custom tailored according to the specific needs of the organization.

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