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ITSthe1 develops, produces and markets a range of Arabic fonts and decorations, suitable for use in today's world of design and publishing.
These Arabic fonts have been produced to take account of the latest available technology, whilst keeping the traditional calligraphic rules. From the Naskhi to the Kufic to the modern styles, all aim to meet the needs of the designer and typographer for all communication projects whether desktop publishing, creative design or advertising.

The most modern computer-design techniques have been used in this work. Sophisticated programmers, allowing the conversion of alphabets into the digital resolutions used by a broad range of printing devices, have enabled designers as well as manufacturers to ensure that the typefaces will work under all conditions.

ITSthe1 also has developed fonts for English, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi and many other languages for Windows and Mac. Today, ITSthe1 continues to develop and license custom typefaces to a variety of businesses and industries.

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