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  • PDF (Portable Document Format) offers a level of document conversion and digital imaging to fit any need and budget, from simple image scanning, to image overlaying hidden - yet searchable - text, to fully converted text documents that can be modified and maintained over time. Once converted, this documentation can be distributed internally over a network, or externally via CD-ROM or the Internet.
  • "Normal" text and "image + hidden" text-overlaying PDF files can be enhanced with bookmarks, cross-document links, Web links, security features, digital signatures, thumbnails, and interactive forms.
  • Recipients of a PDF file can view, navigate and print using the Adobe Acrobat Reader a version of Acrobat which is freely distributed by Adobe.
  • Data can 'stamp' PDF files with watermarks after conversion to PDF, with headers, footers, date & time, diagonal text and more.
  • SDS makes extensive use of Adobe PDF conversion and publishing software for OCR and document conversion.
  • Committed to providing a high quality conversion product for the lowest possible rate,

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