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Are you ready for the web challenge?

Web design and web site creation won't be difficult or confusing anymore.

Many businesses risk being left behind by their competitors by failing to offer their customers, partners and suppliers the efficiencies of conducting business over the web.

Even so, many websites on the Internet today are first or second generation and have been built as static content. The underlying mishmash of HTML files and binary executables, generated by traditional web designers, mean that sites have limited interactivity, look out-dated and are difficult to maintain and extend.

Modern websites are built on a solid foundation, for example a Java Application Server, and include features such as a CMS (Content Management System) as standard. Web users are increasingly demanding the performance, functionality and dynamic content offered by a website built on good architecture.

Many small-to-medium sized businesses know all of this, but do not act because they do not know the answer to the following question: how do we build a high-quality website on a tight budget?

We welcome you to look around our site and see some of our projects to get an idea of our capabilities and how we can help you. With one stop service, professional consulting and competitive prices, the team at ITSthe1 is committed to your success.

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